Bus Services - Open to All

The Winslow Community Bus runs 5 scheduled bus services.

Aylesbury Market Bus

Every Friday and Saturday Winslow through the villages into Aylesbury £4 return View timetable

Winslow Wednesday Market Bus

Every Wednesday – Winslow Market Bus – picking up in the villages to bring in to Winslow £3 return View timetable

Special Wednesday Market Offers

Various discounts on offer at the market! Details on the bus on the day!

  • Fruit & veg stall
  • Plant stall
  • Card stall
  • Bread stall
  • Candle stall
  • Plus discounts at Rooneys and 10% off lunches

ONLY if you have travelled in on the bus.

We pick up in Swanbourne, Mursley, the Horwoods, Nash, Whaddon, the Claydons, Magpie Way and Elmfields

Westcroft Bus

2nd & 4th Thursday of the month – Winslow through the villages to Westcroft Shopping Centre £4 return View timetable

Buckingham Bus

1st Tuesday of the month – Buckingham Bus picking up in the villages & Winslow to go to Buckingham & Tesco £3 return Ring Lynne for more information 01296 715786

All of these services are FREE with a bus pass, and our drivers are very helpful with shopping & dropping near your home.

Also any non-profit making group in the area can use our bus, with driver, for trips out. Very reasonable costs.

Ring Lynne 01296 715786 for more details.

photo of the Winslow Bus