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You can jump on the Community Bus in Winslow any Friday or Saturday morning around 9.15am to get to Aylesbury for just after 10 o’clock – dropping off by Sainsbury’s or the bus station, then return 12.15pm depart from bus station (High St pick up too on a Friday) – FREE with a bus pass, otherwise only £4.50 return.

We can pick up near to your home – just ring Lynne to discuss.

* Denotes bus pass accepted.

If you wish to know more about upcoming excursions please contact Lynne either by phone on 01296 715786 or email at wdcbenquiries@btconnect.com

Everyone is eligible to come on our trips, we pick up near to your house, please ring Lynne for more information.

* Denotes bus pass accepted.

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Why not become a volunteer driver for WDCB?